Finance options

Bank loans

If you have an ANZ Home Loan, you could get up to $5,000 to insulate your home with an interest-free home loan top up. Click here for more details.

Several other banks offer low interest loans for home improvements. Click here for more details.

Voluntary targeted rates (VTRs)

These are loans that you take out from your local authority for improvements to your home. They are paid back through your rates and may include interest. They may include items in HomeFit. Click here for more details.

Warmer Kiwi Homes

Financial assistance for insulation may be available to homeowners on lower incomes. Click here for more details.

Help with home heating

The Government offers people over 65 a rebate on their heating bills. If you're ill or have a disability, you can apply for help with the cost of heating your home.  

Click here for more details.

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